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Trying Slax

After Ubuntu, I want to write my experience about a Linux distribution, Slax. This is my new experience I use Slax. Actually, I was looking for a portable Linux Distribution, Then I had been suggested by my friend, "Hey! You shall try Slax. It is great!" So, He gave me the official Slax website Address.
Slax is included in Linux Distribution. It is very portable. Why? yeah, because It is 200Mb for a basic complete Slax.
A Little about SlaxSlax is developed from Slackware. Its origin is Czech Republic. Its developer is Tomáš Matějíček. This distribution is included in the live medium. Slax uses a memory stick, CD, or a little storage to boot. Slax also can be booted via RAM (Random Access Memory). Slax generally uses KDE for the Desktop Environment.
But, Slax also uses Fluxbox for the desktop environment. Slax supports English. For the Asian Language support, maybe Slax needs more support from Asian Linux users to developing the packets. click here for screenshots.

I think Sl…