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Network Topology

The last post remind me about the network topology. Actually, I have received this material at school. But, the material was only theory. I never yet practice it.
Network topology is formed of 2 words. They are network and topology. Based on Wikipedia, network is
a collection of hardware components and computers interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and informationand in my opinion network is the way to communicate, to share some things via electronics media, plain speak, and the other that can be connecting people.
Second, topology. Topology is similar to map. So, network topology is the map that show the way of communication, sharing resources, between people.
Network topology is divided by 2 categories. They are physical topology and logical topology.
Physical topology explain how the cable formation, computer, and all the network component. And logical topology explain how the data, information, and resources flow.
There are many type of network t…

Download using BitTorrent

A little speech from the writer

Very long time, I'd never write in this blog. Yeah.., just natural problem. Now, I am included in the last year student in my school. So, I must prepare the national final examination. Because of the preparation, I can't share my time to write again. But anyway, I can write again. I hope, you can enjoy it.

BitTorrent is a transfer files technology. It is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. It makes me remembered about the network topology. Today, generally people use the star topology. OK, today we will not talk about network topology, but about BitTorrent technology.
BitTorrent technology is included in the file transfer technology. Bram Cohen is the founding father of this technology. He had designed it in April 2001 (Based on Wikipedia).
My friend asked me, What I think about downloading by server and downloading by torrent. I answered him, that those have many advantages.
When you download a file by using torrent, you can share file that ha…