Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Jangkar Project: Rembang Regency Free Open Source Project

Yesterday, when I was printing my school task, I met a man. He rent his computers for people to access internet. He is a Linux User. I think, we have talked long about Linux. Here, I will retell about our conversation.
I know Rembang is a little city in Indonesia. It is located in Java Island, Central Java province. Rembang is a nature harbour. Majority, Rembang citizen live near the coast and North Javanese Main Road.
Now, we talk about computer user in Rembang. I conclude that many Rembang citizen are using the software that is not genuine. If there are 100 people, only 10 people are using the genuine software. Then, for the open source software, it was not popular. So, from the statistic, there are 2 people that use open source software from 200 people that don't use open source software. This situation make a teacher from a vocational high school establish a community.
People call the community as Rembang Linux User Community (Indonesian: Komunitas Pengguna Linux Indonesia Rembang). This community has a project to develop a new distro. The project name is Jangkar Project.
Jangkar is based on Ubuntu and is also using GNOME desktop environment. Maybe, for the Jangkar review, I will post it soon. If you want to download the distro, you can visit here.

2 komentar:

  1. siip gan, maju terus bwat linux rembang. semoga dengan dibuatnya distro jangkar para pecinta linux rembang makin bertambah. ditunggu undangan dari komunitas linux rembang :D

  2. Makasih gan. ini sudah versi yang ke 4.0 alpha. untuk review, tunggu sebentar y, gan.