Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Browse Internet with your Terminal

Terminal is very important in Linux. Yes, because without Terminal, our computers can't run perfectly. Terminal also has the (important) function. It is used to interact the user (read: you). It interact with you without the mouse. So, You may use the keyboard and the command. All programs in Linux can be accessed by terminal. In my previous articles, I was accustomed you to use Terminal.
So, now Terminal can be used to browse Internet. Everything can be doing in Terminal. If you want some testimony, I will show you.
  1. First open your Terminal.

  2. Check your Internet connection. You can see the connection indicator or type this command:
    ping ip number
    after execute this command, you will see your Terminal full with the letter. Oh... no! I can't stop this effect. Don't panic! press Ctrl+C to cancel the command. This way also apply to other.

  3. Now, we must install the package. Type this:
    sudo apt-get install elinks

  4. After that, try it. On your Terminal, type this:
    elinks http://www.google.com/
    so you will find this:It is beautiful, right? But, the scrips can't run here.

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