Senin, 29 November 2010

GNOME + BackTrack = GnackTrack

All People know about BackTrack. BackTrack includes the penetration testing. said that this is also include in Linux Distribution.

What is the relation between GnackTrack and BackTrack? The relation is the differentiation. GnackTrack is the evolution from BackTrack. But firstly we will talking about BackTrack. Now, the BackTrack have released its 4 R-2 version. The feature can be seen on here
Now, GNOME. The famous Distribution based on GNOME and Debian is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is aimed for beginner. Like its motto "Ubuntu Linux for human beings". We can conclude that Ubuntu is Linux for beginners.
Okey, GNOME (Ubuntu here) and BackTrack become GnackTrack. GnackTrack is the creation from Matthew Phillips. But, I wonder. Why this distribution has not been indexed in

There's no one local repository mirror its ISO. If you want to download it, You can click here

GnackTrack homepage

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